Industrial Ecology Freiburg

Research group at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Description and terms of use:

+ The CircularSankey web application is a free tool provided by Industrial Ecology Freiburg.
+ The software for the web app and the Sankey Method are part of an open source project. The code is available on GitHub.
+ The app runs on a virtual windows machine hosted by the computer centre of the Uni Freiburg, Germany.
+ Regular backups of the virtual machine are created by the computer centre.
+ User credentials and projects are stored in a MySQL database on the virtual machine.
+ Data transmission via the login form and the main text fields in the app is not encrypted.
+ The app does not store any Sankey data unless you click on the ‘Save into database’, ‘Update Data’, or ‘Save As’ buttons.
+ This app is a development project. The web admins of IEF have full access to the database, including your user credentials and stored data.
+ The figures created by the app are yours.
+ IEF does not guarantee for the security of your login credentials and data.