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Circular Sankey web application does not create perfect Sankeys...
 Sample Sankey Raw
... but it delivers vector graphics that require only little editing before becoming presentable!

Our goal is to deliver a tool that saves you 90% of the work of creating a perfect Sankey diagram.
For the remaining 10% you can use your creative spirit and dive into a graphics program like Inkscape, for example.
 Sample Sankey Refined
The web app has an internal database to store projects for later use. It also features an interface to excel data files, which can be uploaded and downloaded from within the app. Got curious?
Then sign up by filling out the form on the right or log in with the guest account: User: "guest01", password: "guest01" (without ")!
Video tutorial (8 mins) with an introduction to the CircularSankey app: (Youtube)
Video tutorial (7 mins) with an explanation of the Excel interface to the CircularSankey app: (Youtube)
This web application was developed by Mahadi Hasan, resident programmer of Industrial Ecology Freiburg. [link will be added soon]

Description and terms of use:

+ The CircularSankey web application is a free tool provided by Industrial Ecology Freiburg.
+ The software for the web app and the Sankey Method are part of an open source project. The code is available on GitHub.
+ The app runs on a virtual windows machine hosted by the computer centre of the Uni Freiburg, Germany.
+ Regular backups of the virtual machine are created by the computer centre.
+ User credentials and projects are stored in a MySQL database on the virtual machine.
+ Data transmission via the login form and the main text fields in the app is not encrypted.
+ The app does not store any Sankey data unless you click on the ‘Save into database’, ‘Update Data’, or ‘Save As’ buttons.
+ This app is a development project. The web admins of IEF have full access to the database, including your user credentials and stored data.
+ The figures created by the app are yours.
+ IEF does not guarantee for the security of your login credentials and data.
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